Closed case

The ways you get to me, is a mystery better left unsolved.


Just like music

“Name me a legend cause ima give you all of me And thats in all honesty your love has really got to me so like jagged edge I gotta be..” 


So gone.

Though it pains me to say goodbye. My Main Reason, is i dont want to see you cry thru any season, and with this hurt you been holding inside, although you keep it deep in. We can hardly keep living this lie, thats why im leavin’. No regrets in the time we gave. ¬†What kept me was the fact you stayed. Knowing the cause of my every mistake. Could fill the holes but I’m leavings them blank, because were better off our seperate ways. Pray you find better one day

-Julian ‘Naive’ B

U can call

Calming conversation’s. Concentration is focused clearly with your character. You Close out the problems and the chaos, you make the whole world cease. Moments I’ve come to cherish dearly. You can call me anytime. 

‘Til Now

Yearning for that summer love again 

But for now; ‘Til then

Season’s change green leaves turn brittle/dead and Begin to shed/fall off the brances of what used to be a nourishing apple tree. Picked by other hands leaving not even one/a bite for me. I cry and weep as if to mourn a loss. Downed, convinced that this is the end. But this is just another means to find way in a new begin, once realizing the beauty from within, opening you to see in ways you have never before did, now dead leaves fell only to be free, continuing along lively as it dances with the wind. Thinking there was no better love from then; ‘Til now.

-Julian ‘Naive’ Bronson

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Truly to say

Truly To Say…

Truly to say You are pure beauty to my eyes, The forever melody to my ears, The softest touch to my skin, The fairytale I love to tell over and over again, The sweetest hugs I’ve ever felt, A love so deep I can never repel, You are not my imagination Though still my fantasy, Not a dream, ‘Cause you’re standing in front of me, I feel your cold hands consoling me Only meaning you’re warm-hearted, You are turly a living work of art, Better than Picasso’s paintings, More amazing that Leonardo’s art, T’was heartfelt, I never let you borrow my heart, Because you can’t borrow something that was already given, Truly to say, You are breathtaking, attracting, alluring, Also beautiful in every way I just love your ways Just seeing you makes my day worth it. You bring me so many feelings You’re fulfilling my destiny To be with you always Together Forever recording every single memory, On us. Tell me why would I ever be bored of you, When I’ve always been so close to you And I want to be the one, who grows old with you, Truly to say, I’ve fallen in love with you.

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