A promise to keep(In remembrance)


Man fuck where do i begin, masked my life with a grin, I beg the Lord for his forgiveness even though its lots to forgive. Stuck lost on a bridge just tryna find my own way, wish i could have stayed as a kid when it was easy in them old days, cause as of now I’m stuck in this race just tyna escape my old ways, but Karma is a bitch that won’t stop til’ she approach me, she got me losing my mind and that’s only in the worst ways, but then i envision my brother saying, “hold on. it will be okay, for every dark night, there’s a brighter day, so just pick yourself up a keep on your way.” yeah im feeling what you say brother. its just, ever since you left its been so hard for me to stay up, when i been missing you since day one. know i can’t stop these tears from flowing, but its for you these rhymes keep going, no i can’t stop these tears from flowing, but its for you that i keep going, with my feet to the ground and head to the clouds, grinding everyday just to make you proud.

 A promise in dedication to my brother Jovanni Dongallo

-Julian ‘Naive’ Bronson


Half empty

With all the love i come to feel

Couldn’t doubt the fact 

her love was real 

I thought there 

was no better love

Just until 

I realized

that Still  

I havent had my fill

-Julian ‘Naive’ B

Vibrato(High Tone)

Shes in love with the melody. She motions with the beat. Shes moaning up on every note. She feels it in her feet. Its amazing the way we harmonize conducting the most beautifulest symphony.

Julian ‘Naive’ B

Just My Imagination 

So this a old piece i decided to post, as i was reading through i decided to not revise it from its orginal, but came up with commentation to make it more in depth. I wanted you to relate to me. Hope you enjoy

Note: –commentary–

One laugh, One kiss, One smile,
One fell in love and changed the WHOLE view of how They,
Walk the line,
In time you will find this Uncaptible feeling, with the MOST magnitude ever felt,
MORE miraculous than any other scene,
That it breaks the potential to be realer than any other dream,
An insightful romanticism WAY brighter than what the eyes have ever seen,

–Hold Up! Wait A Minute! Let Me Put Some Thought Up In This! So you telling me I’m not dreaming right now, that we’re actually together, like foreal foreal no fakesies? wow,
its just she so fascinating, i find it sometimes unbelievable. okay! so you tellin me i can brag to my boys like, ‘Yup, thats all me’?
Audience/readers: yall be my witness.
Well if it so happens that this was all just a dream, i dont ever wanna wake up.–

and as of currently I dont pay any mind to currency
because truthfully money not an issue, its the fact that I’m with you
and You’re here right now,
Is all and everything that I need right now,

–You, can take every being in the entire world, add em’ up and come with a max amount of digits, still that wouldn’t mean nothing, because to me, she’s the only one the that counts.–

So stand up,

Take a bow,
and I’ll give You your standing ovation.

-Julian ‘Naive’ B.


Baby, You got my soul, 

And at times

we may be out of control,

But thru the struggle

Gimme your hand 

and ill never let go.

Let me, feel your heart

In a similar way to how you

touched my soul.

My Queen of Hearts

That i never will fold,

Despite my travels or where ever i go,

Just keep in mind that we’ll be fine

For your heart is my home. 

-Julian ‘Naive’ B.

‘All This Love’

Your love glows like the moon.

Except for the fact that my light will 

always shine upon you never leaving 

you half shaped or crescent, 

but full,

 so much that people dont even have 

to look at you to tell that you are 

loved and so deep up in it, 

and since consistency is key, 

i will be your sun, 

Your light that shines for you 

throughout any darkness, 

the warmth that aches to wrap 

around your entire body, 

and since i am your sun and you are 

my moon these are the stars that gaze

 upon us in envy wishing one day 

they will get to find their own moon 

and experience this wonderous 


And since i am your sun and you are 

my moon this will be our earth that 

we give life to.

-Julian ‘Naive’ B.

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