We’ve never met (poem)

Weve Never Met

We’ve never met
But maybe we have a few things in common
Maybe we looked up at the same star
At the same time on the same night
Maybe I’m Mr. Right
But we’ve never met
Still I feel connected to you
Like I know you
Like you know me
But we’ve never met
Even though we’re miles apart
Somehow you’ve managed to plant seeds within my heart
I want to give you the key
So you can see the beautiful garden that you have created within me

Still We’ve never met
But you’re more than my imagination
I know because my mind could not possibly create Images as beautiful as you
Now I’m asking my dreams to come true
And I’m beggin my fantasies to let me live in them
Because you’re there
Creating memories is what I want to share
With you
And although we may be just a phone call away
I feel much closer to you than that
And Im trying to hold my emotions back
Because we’ve never met
But I can’t help it anymore
My heart has never felt this way before
Longed for anyone the way it does you

Still knowing that we’ve never met 
I want to show you the world from a 360-degree angle
Full and complete
I want to take you to outer space
To let the universe see that we’re the real stars
To make the sun envy our light when we shine
Let me borrow your heart
To show you how it feels to be in love with every bit of youre entire being,
I want to change the things that you are seeing,
Teach you to view the world with your eyes wide shut
And your heart wide open,
To grow with you is what Im hoping
To help repair anything in your life that’s broken
And to spend time with you is all Im asking
Because… we’ve never met.


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