Truly to say

Truly To Say…

Truly to say You are pure beauty to my eyes, The forever melody to my ears, The softest touch to my skin, The fairytale I love to tell over and over again, The sweetest hugs I’ve ever felt, A love so deep I can never repel, You are not my imagination Though still my fantasy, Not a dream, ‘Cause you’re standing in front of me, I feel your cold hands consoling me Only meaning you’re warm-hearted, You are turly a living work of art, Better than Picasso’s paintings, More amazing that Leonardo’s art, T’was heartfelt, I never let you borrow my heart, Because you can’t borrow something that was already given, Truly to say, You are breathtaking, attracting, alluring, Also beautiful in every way I just love your ways Just seeing you makes my day worth it. You bring me so many feelings You’re fulfilling my destiny To be with you always Together Forever recording every single memory, On us. Tell me why would I ever be bored of you, When I’ve always been so close to you And I want to be the one, who grows old with you, Truly to say, I’ve fallen in love with you.

…To be continued

With this heart

He held The Look Of Love,

Turned stone

Lost inside medusa’s eyes,

Mutiple questions in a 

search for the 

Answer why:

This had had to be our last goodbye?

Cried so much they called it Rain,

Heart of stone turned to grain,

Spread across the sands of time

Hopes to find what was Once, again,

Will he get to see a happy end,
Til then

…To be continued

-Julian ‘Naive’ Bronson

A promise to keep(In remembrance)


Man fuck where do i begin, masked my life with a grin, I beg the Lord for his forgiveness even though its lots to forgive. Stuck lost on a bridge just tryna find my own way, wish i could have stayed as a kid when it was easy in them old days, cause as of now I’m stuck in this race just tyna escape my old ways, but Karma is a bitch that won’t stop til’ she approach me, she got me losing my mind and that’s only in the worst ways, but then i envision my brother saying, “hold on. it will be okay, for every dark night, there’s a brighter day, so just pick yourself up a keep on your way.” yeah im feeling what you say brother. its just, ever since you left its been so hard for me to stay up, when i been missing you since day one. know i can’t stop these tears from flowing, but its for you these rhymes keep going, no i can’t stop these tears from flowing, but its for you that i keep going, with my feet to the ground and head to the clouds, grinding everyday just to make you proud.

 A promise in dedication to my brother Jovanni Dongallo

-Julian ‘Naive’ Bronson

Half empty

With all the love i come to feel

Couldn’t doubt the fact 

her love was real 

I thought that there 

was no better love

Just until 

I came to realize 

that Still  

I havent had my fill

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